Wadsworth wedding photographer




Throughout the planning process while in the search for a photographer, this was the MOST critical piece to me as a bride. I have a design and art background therefore, I put a lot of weight onto this portion of my big day. I had gone through 5+ interviews with photographers, all knowing that they were not for me. Whether it was their style, focus, or attitude. With Maggie, I knew that this is her passion and you just had to let her go through the motions with her camera in hand and the magic will happen. When my sister and I first met Maggie on an august afternoon at a Starbucks in Mystic, I knew she would be the one to share my special day with me. The calm in her voice and ease in her spirit was exactly what I needed. As a control freak I knew I needed a ying to my yang.

We had a very large wedding party, with lots of personality and LOTS of energy. Between the goofball King and Queen {cough the bride and groom}. Maggie had been not only our photographer, but our coach. She was able to play with the energy of the whole group hang out with us while capturing amazing images. She captured every moment I could have asked for. With lots of laughs and smiles! As the day continued the fun grew, she was right there with us as we all danced the night away!

The weather was questionable all day, for any bride this was a huge anxiety trigger. The over cast skies I thought would affect me more but as the day went on I cared less about the clouds. It was my wedding day! To my memory, the skies were grey but filed with tons of natural light. Maggie was able to transform the storm filed sky portraits into these incredibly powerful and romantic images that I will cherish forever. I am forever grateful for all of her effort and talent. I would recommend her to all of my friends and any bride looking for a real wedding photographer.
Kristina and PJ
Wadsworth Mansion