On your day, I will share with you my penchant for seeing, making and celebrating. I come alongside you, feel the chords of joy and goodness and see them repeated in all the moments of the day. I like to connect, share in your hope and contribute to your calm delight. I will wink at you, probably shed some tears at the beauty of it all and we will tell your story. Just as it is.

LIKES: Outdoor weddings, homemade quilts, cows, surfboards, every shade of blue, FAMILY, farms, flowers, backyard soccer games, oil painting, SNL, kids, art museums, hunting for salamanders, open-ocean swimming.

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Every anniversary of my own wedding, we (my husband Norm and I) reprise our favorite wedding day pies (marionberry, blackberry, etc.) with the help of our four little tasters, Evelyn, Valerie, Marigold and Samuel.

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LIKES: Brick oven pizza, second-hand store finds, antiques, big floral patterns, high tops, take-out Thai food, black and white portraits, bikinis, hostessing patio parties, 35mm, good wine with good friends, Brooklyn, Renaissance painting, and camping in the mountains with my two boys and husband (a painter!)


the team

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LIKES: All things technical, golf (par 5s), football, long lenses, laughing, conversations in Spanish (or Italian), bocce, meatball grinders, skiing, art history, salt pond paddleboarding, top shelf gin, thought-stirring podcasts, indoor soccer, White Mountain hiking, and days cooling off at the beach with my wife Erica and four surf-loving kids! 



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somehow in someway most of my clients connect to the CT/RI Coastline and I'm very happy about that! 

the ocean

loving the life you live!

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